This is Who We Are

We are adept at providing immediate customer support to our clients. After performing installations nationwide, PRO still maintains a strict policy of returning to any job site that requires additional refrigeration services.

Our environmentally efficient green self-contained supermarket grade refrigeration fixtures have superior pack-out, compared to the energy wasting plug-and-go fixtures we see in standard retail entities everywhere.

Our display benefits and energy efficient refrigeration units comply with the new DOE standards implemented in January 2012. This self-contained refrigeration equipment leaves a small carbon footprint on the environment and includes new hybrid technology refrigeration that decreases cooling costs without the cumbersome piping that is used in the larger retail chains.

  • As the experts in green refrigeration, our installations are simpler to perform and less expensive to perform versus other similar national rollout providers. Installation can be completed in 1 or 2 days while the store is open for business, with minimal customer disruption.
  • PRO has been successful by honoring and valuing the client/
    customer relationship. We contact and coordinate personally with each location before, during and after installation to fulfill our agreement above and beyond the expectation of the client.
  • Reporting our regimen involves digital images of the work as it progresses, paying particular attention to important quality metrics involved in our processes. Finally, our field staff submits a five-question survey for the person in charge to answer on each and every project. This information is used to improve our process internally for future service, and verify we have completed the job to the client’s standard.