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Our Mission

Professional HVAC/R Services, Inc. has provided its customers and its employees with an opportunity. The opportunity is that of being mutually beneficial to each other.

The experiences and direct communication with our customers have served to shape and strengthen this philosophy. Professional provides a business atmosphere that is responsive to the wishes of our customers. We firmly believe that our position in the marketplace today exists because we are focused on our clients and those relationships. All of our staff members make every effort to provide all of our accounts with the best possible technical and customer service our industry has to offer. We have found it to be true that actions do speak louder than words. By being action-oriented and sincere with our customers, we have found that our customers become active in promoting and recommending us.

We provide a myriad of different services to our customers. Our goal is to exceed our customers’ expectations of quality products and services provided in every aspect of the business relationship. As a staff member of this organization, we invite you to join us in adopting and practicing this concept in everything you do at Professional.

Manuals have been developed for your initial orientation and continuing acquisition of skills and knowledge pertaining to our programs and services. Our policies are based on the belief that good working conditions, safety, and profitable situations are mutually beneficial and that a sincere and open exchange of ideas should exist in our professional relationships.

Professional will not compromise its standards or expectations toward any staff member with which we decide to enter into an agreement. This company expects all staff members to be creative, self-starting, positive thinking professionals. Training and education are encouraged at Professional. Any staff member willing to enhance their knowledge in their particular job function will be considered for financial assistance. We consider ongoing training to be the most important factor for staff members who may desire to enhance their careers while at Professional. Knowledge gained is always yours to use to the best of your ability. A strong mind and work ethic will take any staff member far in their life. We expect all staff members to go the extra mile for themselves, not for the Company or the customer. We wish for all staff to end the day with a feeling of satisfaction with how their efforts were instrumental to the success of Professional while driving home...... and how tomorrow will be a pleasure. To that end, we have provided you with the following information.

Good Luck in life and career!

J A Kokinda -President and CEO

Meet Our Team

Joseph A. Kokinda

President, CEO

Joe Kokinda

Vice President, COO

Shannon Kokinda

Executive Director
to CEO

Bryan Kokinda

Vice President, CIO

Michael Challender

Director Sustainable Solutions

The Certifications We Hold

  • Introduction to CO2 and Bitzer CO2 Compressors
  • CO2 Refrigeration
  • Universal EPA Refrigeration Certification 
  • ICS Master Refrigeration Certification 
  • Michigan Mechanical Contractor License
  • Refrigerant Handling Technician Certification 
  • Manville Products Master Lagger and Refractory Certification 
  • US Navy NEC Code 4298 Class A Machinist Mate 
  • Ohio HVAC/R Contractor License 
  • Florida Mechanical License

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