Commercial Refrigeration

For owners of commercial businesses, refrigeration is an especially difficult proposition. Establishments such as grocery stores and convenience markets require refrigeration in order to supply their customers with produce and other products. This can create a host of problems, including the installation and maintenance of these machines — not to mention having to pay for them and the massive amounts of energy they draw! This is why it’s important to go with the right commercial HVAC company.

Why Call ProHVAC/R Services, Inc™ for my Commercial Refrigeration Needs?

Customers call us at PRO for a variety of reasons: new customers are looking for the right, affordable solution for their business, returning customers are looking for ways to make their existing refrigeration more efficient, or perhaps they need to upgrade as their establishment grows or machines break down. In some cases, an older unit might need to be properly maintained. For whatever reason, our customers know that our small-business feel, our commitment to efficiency, green energy and our knowledgeable and professional staff are ready to meet their needs.

Save Money and Save Energy with Professional HVAC/R Services, Inc.™

Regardless of your needs, we at PRO have the solution. Our services include the latest technology, which helps to increase both energy efficiency and overall system health and monitoring. Integrating wireless tech applications, our technicians are able to constantly monitor your systems before, during and after the installation process is completed. This makes for easy diagnostics in the event of a problem, and even easier repair.

In addition, all of our fixtures are custom-made for your specific establishment. While our competitors might use pre-made fixtures and fittings to cut down installation time and difficulty, this allows for a wider margin of error. At PRO, our workers ensure that every fixture and fitting is sized right to the needs of your business, eliminating the problems that come with the “one size fits all” approach.

Why Do Customers Choose Professional HVAC/R Services, Inc.™?

When you need PRO we are ready to present you with a variety of solutions that are designed to meet all of your commercial refrigeration needs.

Company Culture

We are a large company with decades of experience, but we pride ourselves on keeping a small-business feel.

Customer Focused

A small-business feel means we care about establishing the personal connection that our customers appreciate.

Forward Thinking

We are committed to using both the latest and the most efficient technology, saving our customers money and frustration.

Experienced Technicians

Our highly-trained technicians are the best at what they do.


The Six S's of Refrigeration Selection

We go by the six s's of refrigeration: Servicability, Simplicity, Safety, Stability, Smarts and Sustainability.

Serviceability is a simple task:

  • No mechanical fasteners obstructing access to all engineering areas.
  • Condensing unit and electrical on pull out trays.
  • Washable condenser filter easily removed by magnetically affixed front panel.
  • Evaporator and probes are easily accessible behind pull out panels

System reliability in one fixture, not a whole department:

  • All maintenance and cleaning activity may be carried out by a light commercial HVACR contractor.
  • No need for specialty refrigeration contractor.

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