Energy-Efficient Technologies

Energy-Efficient Building Solutions

Every electrical device in a commercial property comes with a cost. What that cost is can vary greatly depending on its energy use and how potential performance issues are monitored. At Pro HVAC/R, we leverage energy monitoring and submetering technologies, as well as thermal imaging tools, to help building owners reduce their monthly utility bills and avoid costly repairs.


Electric Metering Case Study

Thermal Imaging Solutions

Pro Green Technologies offers thermal imaging home inspection services using thermal cameras to quickly identify early problems in new homes where construction may have not been done correctly or older homes to find areas of deterioration that may have occurred over time.

Our registered thermographers skills can be applied in any situation where a problem or a condition releases heat or has a difference in heat signature. Thermal imaging can detect a hotspot on a roof or a ceiling and cooler spots that reveal there are insulation issues. An electrical panel might show as too hot, meaning that an electrician should determine whether the circuit is overloaded or the wiring is loose. Infrared thermal imaging can also pick up on areas of moisture intrusion, which could be caused by anything from a leak to a mold infestation. Learn More About thermal imaging for your home

Technologies Designed to Help You Be Proactive

Managing your electricity usage is difficult when you don’t have any way of knowing how much energy each appliance uses. Individual homeowners and property owners alike use our energy monitoring and submetering services to monitor energy usage across electrical devices (refrigerators included) and identify opportunities for cost savings.

When electrical devices have underlying heating/cooling issues, they have to work harder to operate — and thus use more energy. Our thermal imaging solutions enable camera operators to easily identify the root causes of HVAC/R unit issues. We can then use these insights to trigger actions needed to mitigate problems before they worsen or move beyond repair.

Benefits of Our Energy-Efficient Building Solutions

Lower Electric Bills

Tired of paying too much for electricity? By understanding how and where energy is consumed, building owners can make more informed decisions on how to eliminate wasted energy use.

Informed Tenants

When tenants are billed solely for the energy they consume, they feel more responsible for their personal use. In turn, these tenants are more likely to find ways to decrease their energy usage.

A Greener Future

Not all sustainability projects have to be costly or complex. Installing submetering technologies provides you with a cost-effective way to continuously reduce energy usage and curb waste.

Higher Resale Value

Based on their reduced utility bills and lower maintenance costs, energy-efficient homes and condominiums tend to be priced higher. This a direct payback from the initial installation costs.

Proactive Troubleshooting

An HVAC/R unit can have many different problems that aren’t visible to the naked eye. With a thermal imaging camera, it’s easy to see where there are problems as well as their root causes.

Less Disruption to Operations

The downtime of an HVAC/R unit can cause an array of issues, from delays in productivity to compliance hurdles. Thermal imaging helps to pave a more efficient route toward resolution.

Fewer Repair Expenses

The longer a problem with an HVAC/R unit goes unnoticed, the more costly the repair is likely to become. Diagnosing problems at an earlier stage helps avoid these unnecessary expenses.

Investment Protection

When you invest in an HVAC/R unit, it’s important to think about ways to enhance its long-term performance. A troubleshooting tool like thermal imaging is designed to fulfill this purpose.

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