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In 2014 Pro HVAC/R created Pro Green Technologies, LLC to focus on natural refrigerants and energy efficiency. Pro Green became an exclusive dealer to market Pure Cold cases, offering a new line of high-quality display cases in the United States.

At Pro HVAC/R and Pro Green, we are committed to giving commercial property owners high-quality solutions to their refrigeration needs. Our refrigeration installations use the latest technologies, including self-contained units and rack system improvements.

Our Fixtures are More Efficient

Our fixtures meet strict European Union standards, ensuring improved efficiency while also being environmentally sound. We specialize in the use of natural refrigerants, like carbon dioxide, ammonia and hydrocarbons, such as propane. These naturally-occurring refrigerants are non-toxic and pose no risk to the ozone. Our fixtures deliver dependable performance without any of the potential danger or environmental harm caused by more traditional chemical refrigerants.

Why Work With Pro Green

As an independent or small business owner, you need a reliable and trustworthy partner to help you manage your refrigeration needs in an energy efficient and cost-effective manner. Pro Green is that partner. Our knowledgeable team can assist businesses that do not have access to an engineering department or the resources of large corporations. From answering questions to sourcing the right fixtures for your needs, we are available to keep your business operating in an efficient and environmentally friendly manner. While still delivering dependable service to your customers.

Industry Experts

At Pro Green we are leaders in the use of natural refrigerants in commercial applications. Our customers come to us for our expertise in this emerging field. There is a shift in industry standards and customer expectations towards going green and implementing environmentally friendly business practices. We help guide our customers to operate efficiently both in terms of energy usage and cost.

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