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Set the Scene for Operational Excellence in Foodservice

Among a sea of off-campus competition, college dining halls and cafeterias are under pressure to satisfy the demands of students and employees to keep them on-campus for meals. Part of this includes access to convenient grab-and-go options, and part of this includes confidence in the overall quality of the food that is served. With reliable commercial refrigeration systems that come in a variety of styles, Pro HVAC/R adds value to your foodservice operations that prompt more hungry diners to stay on-campus.

Did You Know?

The pandemic has changed foodservice business models by increasing the number of pre-packaged grab and go meals with contact-free, cashless payment options.


How We Help Enhance Foodservice Operations


Ease of Accessibility

Our open-display refrigerated cases from Pure Cold are designed with the hectic schedule of students and employees in mind. Without opening any doors, customers can conveniently access the grab-and-go items of their choice and head to the register to check out.


Preserved Food Quality

Recognized for their reliable performance, Pure Cold refrigeration systems help prevent food spoilage on campus shelves. Foodservice operators can feel confident in the quality of their food and minimize waste, while students feel safer and have more options available to them.


Operational Efficiencies

Without the need for extensive piping or mechanics, our team can install Pure Cold refrigeration systems in a matter of hours. While these quick installation times minimize initial downtime, the ease with which open display cases can be replenished and cleaned saves future labor needs.


Reduced Energy Use

Self-contained refrigeration systems like those from Pure Cold are innately more energy efficient than their remote counterparts. Paired with our energy monitoring and submetering technology, we help foodservice operators continue to monitor energy use and strategize ways to conserve.

“Professional HVAC/R Services Inc. has performed 300+ freezer/cooler installs for Origin Group Inc. during the last three years. They have provided superior mechanical services on multiple projects for Dollar Tree and DEAL stores throughout the Midwest and Northeast region. Their level of professionalism and dedication has played a crucial role in the rapid growth of this company.”

Anthony O’ Connor, Project Manager at Origin Group Inc.

“The team at Pro HVAC/R is second to none. The ease of working with them on projects is top-notch, and I cannot think of a better company to work with that ensures everything runs smoothly. Pro HVAC/R has helped our company grow and prosper, and I believe that any reputable electrical contracting company would see the same benefits."

Carl Ludington, Owner of Ludington Electric Inc.

“On-site, the technicians at Pro HVAC/R conducted themselves as class acts all the way around. They worked fast to get the job completed, moving everything on their own since the manager was alone in the store. Not only was the job site cleaned after the new fixtures were installed, but the job site looked even better than before the technicians got there."

Tim O’Neal, Store Manager at Family Dollar
How Freshly Prepared Foods Help Food Retailers Excel

How Freshly Prepared Foods Help Food Retailers Excel

In an age where convenience reigns, freshly prepared foods have become a popular staple in the food retail space. The key is to understand how to successfully promote and sell these items.

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