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Novum merchandiser display cases are self-contained using environmentally friendly R290 (propane) natural refrigerant with benefits of which are clear: No frost build-up unique cassette refrigeration system & the lowest running costs of any cabinet of its class. Boasting dual LED lighting & a clean white interior combined with superior internal volume provides spectacular illumination of the product with excellent product visibility. This combined with Novum’s LEAP Technology makes a truly class-leading cabinet. DOE approved.

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Novum Panama Green - *NEW

Novum Grand Cayman

Novum Alaskan 360


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Novum Freezers & Chillers Display Cases

Panama Green Upright

  • 2 or 3 door dual-temp (low/med selectable)
  • 100% merchandiser uptime-no lost sales due to traditional defrost downtime
  • Superior Food appearance-no more frosting of packaging
  • Superior Cabinet appearance-no more frosting on the interior walls Superior Visibility- no more frosting on glass doors
  • More space-Consistent Total Display Area (no more frost)
  • Superior Food Quality- no heating of food during the defrosting process with zero shrinkage and no food waste

Sliding Grand Cayman

The Novum Grand Cayman range is guaranteed to enhance the image of your store, save you money, and improve your customer shopping experience.

Walkaround 360 Alaskan

The Novum Alaskan sliding and 360-degree access make product selection easy with a low-cost green alternative that customers will surely appreciate.

Features that are right for today's green-conscious consumer

lower energy feature-icon2H

37% Lower Energy

frost free frost free

100% Frost Free

easy replace cassette easy replace cassette

Easy Replace Cassette

37% Lower Energy

lower energy
Novum’s low-temperature merchandiser freezers at a mere energy usage 4.15 kWh/24h uses 37% less energy when compared to its next in-class competitor and is Department of Energy approved for their extreme efficiency.

Lower energy demand reduces operation overhead impacting your bottom line.

100% Frost Free

frost free
Novum Freezers are 100% frost-free using innovative technologies that result in:
• Stable food temperatures 
• Ice-free packaging increases safety confidence
• No more thaw cycles

Easy Replace Cassette

easy replace cassette

Highly efficient refrigeration cassettes provide frost-free prolonged uptime that can be easily replaced in minutes with little down-time.  

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