Novum Panama Green Display Case

The Future Of Refrigeration Now Available in the United States

Novum has launched the new range Panama Green, a completely new upright offering. Powered by LEAP™ technology, using a mere 18.78 KWH over 24 hours (3-door format), which equates to 56% less energy usage than the next best in class plug-in competitor (Cu.Ft. for Cu.Ft. and independently verified by RD&T labs). Boasting over 78 cu. ft. of net product space using exclusive refrigeration cassettes that use R290 refrigerant.

Plus, it's your choice to operate either as a Medium temp merchandiser or Low temp freezer (that's 100% frost-free). 

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Most Energy Efficient Refrigerated Display in its Class.


Novum Innovation

Panama Green Unmatched Benefits

  • Stable Food Temperatures
  • Easy customer reach
  • Virtually inaudible (48 dBA)
  • Maximum visibility of product (no frosting)
  • Lowest energy usage on the market (17.27 Kwh/24h - 3 Door Unit)
  • Dual Temperature Option (Switchable Low or Med operation)
  • Reduce Gas Leakage (only 6.9 oz  refrigerant total)


  • 100% merchandiser uptime-no lost sales due to traditional defrost downtime
  • Superior Food appearance-no more frosting of packaging
  • Superior Cabinet appearance-no more frosting on the interior walls Superior Visibility- no more frosting on glass doors
  • More space-Consistent Total Display Area (no more frost)
  • Superior Food Quality- no heating of food during defrosting process with zero shrinkage and no food waste

Plug-and-Play Solution

Instead of an array of pipes and mechanics, all the refrigeration units are self-contained and only require an electrical outlet to get up and running. This translates to faster installation times.

Simplified Maintenance

Innovative Independent Refrigeration Cassettes are easy to access trays that make it easy to perform routine cleaning maintenance service on the systems.
Novum Panama Green Cassette

100% Frost Free

Novum Panama Green fixtures operating in low-temperature are 100% frost-free using innovative technologies that result in:
• Stable food temperatures
• Ice-free packaging increases safety confidence
• No more thaw cycles

Enhanced Reliability

Novum cases operate more like a home refrigerator than a commercial display case. The more reliable systems are, the more confidence you can have in your food quality and safety.  If one condenser fails, the remaining units pick up the cooling burden until cassette is replaced. No lost product.

Minimal Noise

Noisy refrigerators can easily disrupt the customer experience. Despite boasting a net content of 95.7 cu. ft. the Novum Panama Green 3 door model boasts sound pressure at a 3 ft distance of a mere 48dB(A), which is practically inaudible to shoppers.

Low Energy & Environmentally Friendly

A self-contained refrigeration unit uses less energy than its remote counterparts and refrigerant used (R-290) is considered a lower global warming potential (GWP) refrigerant. This investment provides for reduced monthly utility costs and works in support of other sustainable efforts (CO2 compliance) and benefits your reputation.

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