Create Another Selling Point in Your Restaurant Operations

It’s one thing for customers to read or hear about the baked goods and pre-made items your restaurant offers. It’s another thing to actually see them. By moving these products from a back-of-house refrigerator to a front-of-house display case installed by Pro HVAC/R, restaurants can better advertise such items to customers while making them more accessible to employees. While employees on the floor can move faster, customers are more likely to make a purchase.

Did You Know?

41% of restaurant owners reported that high operating costs are their largest obstacle in business.


How We Help Enhance Restaurant Operations

Increased Sales

Increased Sales

Desserts, deli sandwiches and other to-go items are harder to promote when they are not on display for customers to see. When these products are visible in a refrigerated display case, they are bound to attract the attention of more customers and ultimately generate more sales.

Reduction in Waste

A Reduction in Waste

If food does not sell as fast as intended, it’s possible it will become unsellable and need to be thrown out. And the unused inventory naturally adds to a restaurant’s monthly costs. With more eyes on to-go items, you can reduce the number of unsold items and cut back on food waste.

Greater Convenience

Greater Convenience

During a lunch or dinner rush, no employee wants to have to sift through a back-of-house refrigerator for food products. A front-of-house display case saves both steps and headaches. Not only does the display make items easily accessible, but it also requires little maintenance.


Design Flexibility

Just as you might want to change your menu, we realize the same goes for your restaurant layout. With only a plug-in connection required for operation and castors for ease of transit, Pure Cold refrigerated display cases can be relocated to suit your infrastructure as it evolves.

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Anthony O’ Connor, Project Manager at Origin Group Inc.

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Carl Ludington, Owner of Ludington Electric Inc.

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Tim O’Neal, Store Manager at Family Dollar

Restaurant Profits: Moving the Needle in the Right Direction

To remain profitable amid economic hurdles, restaurants need to find strategic ways to increase revenue. Grab-and-go retail offers a viable option, with many restaurants already reaping the benefits.

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