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Make Your Grocery Store Stand Out for the Right Reasons

It’s no secret that customers have a variety of grocery stores to shop at — and if they have a negative experience at one, chances are they won’t return. This could be due to spoiled food in the refrigerated displays (or a lack of inventory because it has spoiled), or broken down displays that are in the midst of disruptive maintenance. The commercial refrigeration solutions from Pro HVAC/R combine reliable, energy-efficient performance with ease-of-maintenance, creating a more positive environment for customers and employees alike.

Did You Know?

In a typical grocery store, refrigeration and lighting account for about 65% of total electricity and gas use, making them the best targets for energy savings.

Did you know?

How We Help Enhance Grocery Store Refrigerated Food Operations

Customer Loyalty

Customer Loyalty

You care about your customers and so do we. That’s why we supply you with state-of-the-art refrigeration fixtures from Pure Cold. The reliable nature of these systems means less concern over food quality and safety, and a pull-out maintenance tray minimizes disruptions to shoppers.

Less Waste

Less Waste

When a faulty refrigeration system causes food to spoil, employees are forced to throw out otherwise good products. The stable performance of Pure Cold systems helps ensure that products maintain freshness throughout their shelf life, thus avoiding costs associated with waste.

Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficiency

In an industry where margins tend to be thin, energy savings offer a huge opportunity for retailers to benefit their bottom line. While Pure Cold fixtures are naturally energy-efficient, our energy monitoring and submetering technologies offer further insights to lower monthly bills.

Sales Opportunities

Sales Opportunities

In addition to a full line-up of displays, Pure Cold also offers on-the-spot refrigeration units. Whether placed near the front of the store or at the end of an aisle, these mobile display cases give food retailers a viable way to showcase promotional or seasonal products and boost sales.

“Professional HVAC/R Services Inc. has performed 300+ freezer/cooler installs for Origin Group Inc. during the last three years. They have provided superior mechanical services on multiple projects for Dollar Tree and DEAL stores throughout the Midwest and Northeast region. Their level of professionalism and dedication has played a crucial role in the rapid growth of this company.”

Anthony O’ Connor, Project Manager at Origin Group Inc.

“The team at Pro HVAC/R is second to none. The ease of working with them on projects is top-notch, and I cannot think of a better company to work with that ensures everything runs smoothly. Pro HVAC/R has helped our company grow and prosper, and I believe that any reputable electrical contracting company would see the same benefits."

Carl Ludington, Owner of Ludington Electric Inc.

“On-site, the technicians at Pro HVAC/R conducted themselves as class acts all the way around. They worked fast to get the job completed, moving everything on their own since the manager was alone in the store. Not only was the job site cleaned after the new fixtures were installed, but the job site looked even better than before the technicians got there."

Tim O’Neal, Store Manager at Family Dollar

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