What Is Thermal Imaging?

Thermal imaging is a troubleshooting tool to help identify problems with HVAC systems. We use a specialized infrared camera that displays different patterns of heat in a set of colors to locate the root of HVAC unit problems.
Thermal imaging makes it's easy to identify places in or around your ventilation system that is getting too much heat or not enough. However, this camera doesn’t fix or prevent any HVAC problems automatically, it simply allows camera operators to help find them.

When Is Thermal Imaging Necessary?

An HVAC unit can have many different problems you cannot see with the naked eye. Therefore, using a thermal imaging camera makes it's simple to see where the problems are and why. Thermal imaging can also see through walls for possible problems with ventilation.

Why Do Customers Opt for Thermal Imaging Services?

Customers with HVAC problems opt to hire a specialist with thermal imaging services because it is the most efficient way to find and solve problems with their HVAC unit.
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