Recently, I have mentioned that we are in need of an industry makeover. I stated that HVAC Tech is now an archaic term for our regimen, and does not adequately describe what we do in the Mechanical Trades. I have mentioned that we will bravely support a new Industry tag. We will coin it ‘Thermodynamic Energy Technician” and Thermodynamic Energy Specialist”. Yes, the times are changing.

See the attached document we have found that will serve as a guideline for what we believe to be the real deal QSR-MechanicalSystems [no longer available - 01/2019]. Pay particular attention to the videos that are presented throughout this document. These videos are short and interesting. They explain in terms we may all understand the methods of presentation toward what the manuscript believes necessary to become a Thermodynamic Energy Specialist.

Pro has decided that the current schooling that is available out there for everyone is woefully short of being satisfactory for what we need in the field. We have decided that we will present a training regimen that includes most of the data within this document, found on the internet and downloaded for free. Understanding the science of what we do for a living is the most important aspect that we find to be missing from all the graduates we interview.

Read through the document and enjoy the videos. I have it available on my computer, and reference it 1 hour a day. Amazing content that will help all of us advance and be proud of what we know and produce. The way our young learn has changed. Curiosity is important and should not be dissuaded. Ask questions, then research and find the answers yourself! We can do it.”

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Featured in the Morning Journal for Green Initiatives

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August 22, 2019 Category: General

On August 4, 2019, Professional HVAC/R Services, Inc. was featured in an article written by the Morning Journal entitled Lorain County Businesses put focus on sustainability with greener initiatives. The Morning Journal Writes: The companys CEO, Joe Kokinda, said the green initiative was started around 2006 or 2007 with the motive to reduce energy consumption and reduce global warming potential. The company is testing out new technology and fixtures for refrigerated display cases and walk in coolers and freezers to maintain air flow. New self-contained equipment, which has no exterior piping and are stored in a pull-out drawer under the unit, now release smaller amounts of refrigerant. Fixtures that we have produce the same amount of refrigerated effect for one-third of the cost of a normal system that you would see in any supermarket because theyre self contained, Kokinda said. Photo Credit:Jordana Joy - The Morning Journal Read the Full Article over on The Morning Journal: Continue

PRO Holds Open House for World Refrigeration Day

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July 29, 2019 Category: General

On July 26, 2019, Professional HVAC/R Services, Inc. held an open house here in Avon Lake for World Refrigeration Day.

Case Study: Dollar Store Retrofit

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March 22, 2019 Category: Case Study

KE2 Therm Solutions did a case study on the improvements Professional HVAC/R Services, Inc. performed for the Dollar Store.

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