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Energy-Efficiency Technologies Energy-Efficiency Technologies

Energy-Efficiency Technologies

High-Quality Fixtures


With the goal of providing American businesses with modern commercial refrigeration, we’ve teamed up with UK-based company Pure Cold, a leading provider of plug-in refrigerated display cases. These state-of-the-art fixtures focus on the use of natural refrigerants and energy efficiency (with no piping required) and are available in a variety of styles and sizes.

Professional Installation


At Pro HVAC/R, we pride ourselves on getting refrigerated display cases up and running fast. In fact, we’ve been able to cut down the installation time to 8 hours, which means less downtime for businesses. This is made possible by use of the latest technologies paired with our industry expertise — a combination that also ensures optimal system performance.

Energy-Efficiency Technologies

Energy-Efficiency Technologies

When it comes to the maintenance of commercial refrigeration systems, it’s crucial to be proactive, versus reactive. Our thermal imaging troubleshoot tool makes it easy to see and locate the root of refrigerated display problems, while our energy and submetering technologies help map your energy use and build a strategy for minimizing monthly costs.

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How Pro HVAC/R Helps Different Industries Win


  • Rather than losing money throwing away spoiled food, grocery stores and convenience stores can keep products fresh and preserve costs.
  • As your food retail becomes more energy-efficient, you can save monthly utility costs as well as improve your environmental footprint.
  • The ability to prevent food spoilage and costly repairs creates a better experience for customers, and makes them more likely to return.

Food Service

  • Reliable commercial refrigeration systems help preserve the quality and safety of food, and thus keep more students on-campus for meals.
  • Based on their hectic schedules, students are always on the lookout for grab-and-go options. Open display cases make these items easily accessible.
  • Streamlining the installation and maintenance of commercial refrigeration systems helps you minimize inconveniences to students and boost profits.


  • On-the-spot refrigerated display cases provide a convenient, low-maintenance way to advertise food products. Increased visibility translates into more sales.
  • With refrigerated displays near the front of your restaurant, you not only better serve your customers but you also make items more accessible to employees.
  • Because plug-in refrigeration systems require no piping, displays easily fit into existing infrastructures and can evolve with updated restaurant layouts.
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How Self-Contained Refrigeration Systems Freeze Out the Competition

On your mark, get set, connect! Self-contained refrigeration systems have introduced simplicity into commercial refrigeration. With that simplicity comes new opportunities.

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