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by Pro HVAC/R on April 22, 2022


Please join Professional HVAC/R Services, Inc. (Pro) in supporting Earth Day 2022- “Invest In Our Planet”.

Pro markets and installs refrigerated display cases used in grocery and convenience stores.

Pro President/CEO Joseph Kokinda became aware of the negative effects refrigerants cause to the environment and atmosphere when the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency created the GreenChill program.   GreenChill was created in 2007 to work with the retail food industry to reduce refrigerant releases and decrease the negative effects on the ozone layer and climate change.

The non-profit Project Drawdown was started in 2014 to uncover solutions to reduce the point when greenhouse gas (GHG) levels in the atmosphere start to decline. The non-profit became the world’s leading resource for climate solutions after the publication of the New York Times bestseller “Drawdown”.   Eliminating the release of high Global Warming Potential (GWP) refrigerant gases and developing alternate, lower GWP, and natural refrigerants will have a positive impact on reducing GHG from 2020 to 2050.

In 2022 Pro is introducing the Pure Cold line of self-contained refrigerated display cases that use a lower GWP refrigerant produced by Honeywell called Solstice N40 (R448A). 

GreenChill states that an average retail grocer has 3,500 pounds of refrigerant in a long piping system that contains many areas for potential leaks. Many grocers use an older refrigerant R404A which has a high GWP of 6,600. GreenChill estimates that refrigerant leaks amount to 25% per year or 875 pounds annually.

ImpactLT-4D-YfrozenPure Cold self-contained cases use a small amount of R448A per case with a GWP of 3,100 which is 47% less than R404A.

Pure Cold refrigerated display cases are beneficial to the environment by reducing emissions from refrigerants in 3 of 5 areas cited by Project Drawdown:

  • Replace refrigerants with low-warming HFCs/new cooling agents/non-HFC substances
  • Increase the refrigeration efficiency in appliances, thereby lowering the use of refrigerants
  • Control leakages of refrigerants from existing appliances by good management practices

Pro supports Earth Day and replacing older refrigerated display cases for the Environmental Benefits:

  • Lower GWP Refrigerant.
  • A small amount of refrigerant piping is needed within the fixture. Less chance of leaks.
  • Refrigerant pipe welds are made in an assembly line and tested.  Less chance of leaks.
  • If there is a refrigerant leak it affects only one 8 ft. case, not a 40 ft. line up. Less product loss.
  • Energy-efficient operation means lower energy use and lower emissions created by generating electricity.

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