Family Meal Month & IGA's Easy Meal Sweepstakes

by Pro HVAC/R on September 18, 2020


Pro HVAC/R and Pro Green Technologies supports FMI Foundation's , Family Meal Month, promoting the benefits of bringing families together at the dinner table for frequent family meals.

FMI’s goal is to have each family eat one more meal together each week.

According to FMI, research shows that family meals have numerous health and societal benefits for everyone who eats together

    • Children and teens who eat more meals with their family are more successful in school;
    • Frequent family meals increase self-esteem and positive social behaviors;
    • Meals at home tend to be healthier,
    • Meals at home are associated with lower Body Mass Index (BMI) and.
    • Meals prepared and eaten at home are more economical.

IGA supports Family Meal Month and just started a national promotion of the new IGA Exclusive Brand label redesign.  In support, IGA announces the IGA Family Meals Made Easy Sweepstakes. 

Starting Tuesday, September 15, shoppers can submit their original recipe featuring at least one IGA Exclusive Brand product for a chance to win a $1,000 Visa gift card as well as a $1,000 donation to a local food bank of their choice.  

During the pandemic, families are cooking more at home.  As a result of more family meals, groceries have seen an increase in prepared meals and meal kits, offerings that allow for more nutritious, easier to prepare meals. Self-contained, refrigerated display cases allow the grocer to market prepared meals closer the checkout counter and entrance, creating a profitable grab and grow market.

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Michael W. Challender

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