Heat Transfer: Convection

by Admin on August 20, 2015

In our quest to make our movement well known, we offer training that will enhance the standing of “Thermodynamic Energy Technician” and Thermodynamic Energy Specialist” to be attained by following our lead. HVACR Tech has become defunct. Our regimen demand more than what we are being shown in order to become a true professional.

Trade schools and other forms of teaching have fallen behind the advancement of technology. It is simply impossible to put to print the advances of technology we are all experiencing. Being a “TET” or “TES” means you have the science and knowledge to access any and all information relative to what you may be doing while on site, by yourself, and then report that concisely to the end user or employer you work for.

I will be attaching a video from our source that explains Convection this month.

You already saw one on Conduction. Following blogs will show Radiation, Thermal Conductivity, Convectivity and Emissivity. These are steady state heat transfer terms that are the building blocks of any process of being well rounded in what we are asked to understand and then perform.

More next month!


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