Refrigeration Trades Need A New Image

by Joe Kokinda on April 20, 2015


Do you remember wondering what you were going to do when you had to decide on a career? How many of us had dreams to become a Refrigeration Technician while growing up? How much pressure was put on you to look at this Field? By School Counselors? Parents? Friends? Did the Trades seem glamorous to you? I believe we know the answer to this.

Starting my 40th year in the Mechanical Trades, I reflect this morning upon my own decision to get involved. It was by happenstance. Another story for another day. Suffice it to say, there was no recruitment activity at my High School announcing to all what the Trades had to offer.

PHVAC/R has developed a new Job Description to attract more people to what I believe to be is one of the most satisfying Careers that are available today.

“HVAC Tech”…

How appealing is that? It worked, I suppose…. However, I believe it conjures up images of the recent “TV Stings” that highlight unscrupulous ruffians that are out to “Rip you off, so BEWARE”! How about “HVAC Hacks”, an internet sensation that highlights poor work and the ensuing banter about what is posted is there for all to see. Flattery that gets all of us nowhere.

So, how would you like to learn how to become a “Thermodynamic Energy Technician” or “Thermodynamic Energy Specialist”?

How about “Thermodynamic Energy Refrigeration Specialist”?

Just the labels or “tags” may attract those that are interested in STEM Fields to stop and investigate. These descriptions are more in tune with what we do. The Titles are new, and reflective of the times. The descriptions also have the advantage of not have to live down to what we think we know about “HVAC Tech”.

Our Trade has more to it than long hours and the upset customers who wish to express the pain they may feel upon you when you arrive at their site.

We have the ability to control the weather!….. Say, what?

Tune in next month and see what it is all about. Believe you me, this is not what you think it is. I know you will be surprised.

Joe Kokinda

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