Innovation Spotlight: Self-Contained Refrigerated Display Cases

by Pro HVAC/R on April 22, 2020

self-contained-refrigeratorThe next generation of commercial refrigeration is here, and it doesn’t just look different — it vastly outperforms its traditional counterparts too.

We’re talking about self-contained refrigerated display cases — simple, stable and sustainable solutions for commercial properties.

The Basics of Self-Contained Refrigerated Display Cases

Self-contained refrigeration display cases are more similar in nature to a home refrigerator than traditional commercial displays. Unlike remote refrigerated display cases where the compressor and condenser are installed elsewhere (often outside of the building), each self-contained display case comes with all the refrigeration components needed to effectively keep items cool.

As a “plug-and-play” solution that only requires an electrical outlet, a self-contained case can be easily installed and relocated, increasing energy efficiency and ensuring proper temperature control in whatever location it finds itself. So while your energy bills decrease and your environmental footprint improves, you’ll maintain the safety of your food and create less waste.

Pure Cold’s Approach to Self-Contained Refrigeration

To further maximize energy efficiency while keeping food at a more consistent temperature, Pure Cold — a leading provider of self-contained refrigerated display cases — leverages shelf-edge technology. (Note: These evolutionary fixtures can also be assembled in a continuous lineup as seen in supermarkets, not just an end cap display.)

While these technologies give Pure Cold products a natural edge, the benefits don’t stop there. The use of castor wheels on each unit further simplifies the installation and relocation of units, while self-evaporative trays eliminate the need for drainage and reduce condensation issues.

With increased flexibility comes more opportunities to use self-contained refrigerated display cases for on-the-spot merchandise — whether it’s to promote prepackaged meals or seasonal items around the holidays. In this sense, self-contained displays allow you to create “a market within a market.”

At Pro HVAC/R, we pride ourselves in providing customers with state-of-the-art self-contained refrigeration. That’s why we’ve become a major dealer of Pure Cold products, with all of the installation and maintenance handled by our team. Our test lab in Avon Lake, Ohio is outfitted with remote device management (RDM) controllers that can be remotely accessed to make adjustments and troubleshoot potential problems prior to on-site service. These controllers are also used to monitor hazard analysis and critical control points (HACCP) log requirements and notify you of pending alarms based on current operating conditions — all within a single self-contained refrigeration fixture.

To learn more about how we can serve the needs of your commercial property, contact us today.


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