Where's the Beef?

by Admin on May 20, 2015
  • Statistics all show us that HVACR will be short of qualified workers so much so that our ability to keep up will be curtailed
  • The onset of changes to our Industry in the last 5 years has been more profound than the previous 30 in scope which include technological advances
  • Publishers of our Trade Instruction Texts find it impossible to stay ahead of the curve
  • OEM’s and Contractors continue to scramble to find dedicated and motivated people to ply our Trade
  • It is a fact that the salary for good Techs already exceed that of most of the Skilled Trades out there, and will only get better. Supply and Demand!

I suppose we can say that together we must look at how we attract those that are curious about what this is all about and get them involved. Marketing needs to be at the forefront. Customers are willing to make the leap, but are correct to be worried on who will take care of the equipment once it is installed.

That is, if we can get it installed without importing willing assets that want to come to America. They are there. They WILL come…..

We conduct Meteorology in an enclosed system. We change the weather so food is sustainable and people remain healthy and comfortable at home and at their workplace. Simple, right?

Maybe not so simple…

Natural Refrigerants along with the Technology advancements on traditional mechanical cooling systems we have seen taking place overseas has been going on for over a decade on land, and in the Marine Trades, much longer than that. End Users in the US are coming around to see the savings and benefits of this phenomenon. They want it. Carbon footprint reduction is what this is all about, not just the lower utility expenses that are a direct result of implementing the new technology.

If you find yourself reading this blog, and are “curious” to know what it is all about, contact us and we can communicate together. The “Skills Gap” is real. A great Career awaits those who want to be part of this exciting period in our History.

There’s not an App that will do the task. It takes work to make this happen. Those that want to be a part of something exciting should really look into the Refrigeration Trades, as I am here to tell you that it has been a rewarding and satisfying career for many of us who continue to do what we love.

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