World Refrigeration Day 2020- Summary

by Pro HVAC/R on July 2, 2020


Called “The Coolest Day of the Year”
Pro HVAC/R, & Pro Green Technologies locally hosted the second World Refrigeration Day (WRD), on June 26, 2020, at the Oberlin IGA, joining 1,000s of others throughout the world.
This initiative is designed to raise the profileof the important contribution that refrigeration makes globally across so many aspects of modern life refrigeration technologies are essential and yet go widely unrecognized.
Last year the Pro companies hosted the event at their office and Pro Labs located in Avon Lake. Self-contained refrigerated display cases made by Pure Cold lined the Pro Lab for demonstration.
In addition to the importance of refrigeration listed above, this year Pro is proud to partner with Leo Braido, Owner, Oberlin IGA for WRD allowing shoppers to see the new display cases in operation.

Oberlin IGA Installs 2 Self-Contained, Pure Cold Refrigerated Display Cases
These cases were installed in an area where there was no previous refrigeration, therefore there were no existing refrigeration lines or condensate drains. Pure Cold only requires one electric cable per self-contained display case to operate, making them very mobile.

Leo Braido, Owner, Oberlin IGA, Removes His Mask for Photo

Large Display Area with Low Energy Costs
Leo said he decided to install Pure Cold because of the energy efficiency, low Global Warming Potential refrigerant, mobility and “each 8’ case contains 5 shelves for displaying more products his shoppers desire”.
With face masks and social distancing, it was great to talk with Leo’s customers, community leaders including Rob Hillard, City Manager and Linda Arbogast, Sustainability Coordinator, and elected officials, including Linda Slocum, City Council President, Elizabeth Meadows, and Kristin Peterson, City Council.

Council President, Linda Slocum, Removes her mask for Photo with Joe.

Most people were unaware of WRD, but all agreed the world population would experience more difficult living conditions without cooling.

IGA Customers Support Leo and the Oberlin IGA
IGA customers, community leaders, and elected officials, genuinely appreciate the work Leo does for the community while providing safe, fresh, high-quality products in a family friendly atmosphere.

Joe Kokinda, President Pro HVAC/R, demonstrates the night curtain to Vanessa Knipper

His customers are also glad to see Leo investing in new equipment to lower energy use and using a refrigerant with a lower Global Warming Potential.

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