If you’re an owner of commerical property with commercial refrigeration needs, it can be hard to know where to start. At Professional HVAC/R Services, Inc.™, we are committed to giving commercial property owners the state of the art when it comes to their refrigeration needs. This commitment to excellence shows up in every part of our work, including our fixtures.

Made of the highest quality materials, our fixtures are engineered to be reliable, efficient and long-lasting. This quality might mean they come with a higher initial price tag, but with the boost in efficiency, you will find that our fixtures make up the difference in the long run.

A Revolutionary Design

In 2014 PRO created Pro Green Technologies, LLC to focus on natural refrigerants and engergy efficiency. Pro Green became an exclusive dealer to market Pure Cold cases.Joseph A. Kokinda, President & CEO, PRO, has been working with the owners of NRMS Global and Pure Cold for the past three years in their work to develop the Next Generation Refigeration (NGR) for American business owners. 

A leading innovator of remote and self-contained refrigerated display cases, Pure Cold is a UK-headquartered organization founded in 2005. Visit www.purecoldusa.com  for additional information.

While most cases have their components on top of the case, our components are individually housed under the case. Each case comes with its own compressor and condenser, rather than having to rely on a large array of pipes and mechanics. 

This has several effects. First, it makes for an easier installation. Each case can be quickly and easily installed wherever it needs to be, without having to worry about how to hook that case into existing infrastructure. To an extent, each case is “plug and play,” easy to install and connect.

Secondly, because each case can operate as a single, self-contained unit, there are few limits on where cases can be placed. Gone are the days when cases are stuck in one place, never to be relocated. Since each case is a self-contained unit that has its own compressor and condenser, it can be moved wherever and whenever you would like. 

Fixture Options

Our cases come in four different lengths, and are available with or without doors. We also offer cases with pull-down shades (like a pull-down garage door) that can quickly close the top of the case when you’re closed for business.



A Greener Future

Recently, the government has begun working towards regulating various industries in an effort to make them more energy efficient. The commercial refrigeration industry is on the horizon. This means that this is the perfect time to go PRO. With our energy-efficient fixture and cases, you’ll not only be saving yourself money in the long run, you’ll  be ahead of the game. Go with PRO today!


Benefits of Pure Cold, Self-contained Refrigerated Display Cases:

  • Mobility- each case has casters and can be moved easily

  • Plug & Play- an electrical outlet is all that's required

  • Self- Evaporative- no drainage required

  • Pull-Out Tray for Maintenance- easy access for service

  • Low Energy Use

  • High Reliabilty- operates more like a home refrigerator than a commercial display case

  • Low Noise- scroll compressor is installed near the floor in the pull-out maintenance tray

  • Standards Compliance, Certification & Documentation

  • Refrigerant is R-448a, considered a lower Global Warming Potential (GWP) refrigerant

  • May qualify for energy efficiency grants or rebates

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