Refrigerated Display Cases

State-of-the-Art Refrigerated Display Cases

The success of any commercial refrigeration project starts with the products that are used. Made of the highest quality materials, our refrigerated display cases are designed to be reliable and efficient with a long life span. High quality and efficiency deliver cost savings month-over-month that benefit your bottom line.

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Revolutionary Refrigeration Design from Pure Cold

In 2014, Pro HVAC/R created Pro Green Technologies LLC to focus on natural refrigerants and energy efficiency. These initiatives led to us becoming a dealer of Pure Cold cases.

Recognized as a leading innovator of self-contained refrigerated display cases, Pure Cold offers future-proofed solutions for commercial refrigeration. These self-contained refrigeration units are not only easy to install and move around, but they are also available in four different lengths and come with or without doors to suit the unique needs of your commercial space.

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Novum Energy Efficient Cooler & Freezer Refrigerated Display Cases

The Novum Grand Cayman & Panama Green are a major breakthrough in the development of supermarket freezer & chiller technologies that remove thaw cycles (100% frost-free), reducing labor costs, and maintaining excellent food quality. It combines superior volume with excellent product visibility and product facings and combines this with the lowest energy usage of a product of its type and size on the market today.

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The Benefits to Expect from Purecold & Novum Cases

Plug-and-Play Solution

Instead of an array of pipes and mechanics, all the refrigeration units require is an electrical outlet to get up and running. This translates to faster installation times.

Enhanced Reliability

Purecold & Novum cases operate more like a home refrigerator than a commercial display case. The more reliable systems are, the more confidence you can have in your food quality and safety.

Greater Mobility

Gone are the days where refrigeration cases are stuck in one place. Because each case has its own compressor and condenser and also includes casters, relocating them is simple.

Minimal Noise

Noisy refrigerators can easily disrupt the customer experience. With a scroll compressor installed near the floor in the maintenance tray, Pure Cold cases keep noise to a minimum.

Low Energy Use

A self-contained refrigeration unit uses less energy than its remote counterparts. You’ll save on monthly utility costs, and you could qualify for energy efficiency grants or rebates.

Environmentally Friendly

The refrigerant used (R-448a) is considered a lower global warming potential (GWP) refrigerant. This investment works in support of other sustainable efforts and benefits your reputation.

Simplified Maintenance

While the self-evaporative nature of Pure Cold cases removes the hassle of drainage, a pull-out tray for maintenance makes it easy to perform routine service on the systems. Novum cassette modular system makes downtime a thing of the past.

Standards Adherence

Purecold & Novum cases meet strict standards for compliance, certification, and documentation. You can be confident these products will help you exceed industry demands while satisfying retail consumer needs.

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