Commercial Refrigeration Installation

Streamlined Commercial Refrigeration Installation

When new refrigeration equipment is added to a commercial space, the goal is to get these systems up and running fast. Extensive downtime can create inconvenience for both customers and employees as well as cause businesses to miss out on sales opportunities and product loss. From new constructions to remodels, our installation techniques ensure quality and efficiency.

Pairing Our Experience with the Right Technologies

Pro HVAC/R has been installing commercial refrigeration equipment for customers since 2005, with more than 3,000 installations completed. Our team of trained and experienced technicians is well-versed in the optimal techniques and technologies to use for a seamless installation.

Over the last several years, we have actively worked on improving our time and mobility on installation projects. This has allowed us to cut down our installation time to under 12 hours.

Complete Installation - From Start to Finish

The success of any commercial refrigeration project starts with the products that are used. Made of the highest quality materials, our refrigerated display cases are designed to be reliable and efficient with a long life span. While this level of quality may come with a higher initial price tag, the boost in efficiency delivers cost savings month-over-month that benefits your bottom line.

Over 40 Years Combined Experience In Commercial Refrigeration Installations
New Construction - Upgrade Change-Out - Remodels - Project Management

Supermarkets • Neighborhood Stores • Convenient Stores • Restaurants • Bakery

Reach-In Coolers • Chest & Upright Coolers (medium-temp) • Chest & Upright Freezers (low-temp) • Walk-In Coolers • Beverage Coolers
Installations for these manufacturers:
 Purecold • Novum

What You Can Expect with Our Installation Services

Multiple Fixture Options

We have experience installing self-contained and rack systems in various sizes and styles from just about every major manufacturer of commercial refrigeration systems. Together, we can find the right solution for any configuration you are planning to install.

Advanced Technologies

Depending on the type of fixture, our team can install closed, open or shelf-edge technology. These technologies shall help lower energy use, reduce food spoilage, and maximize comfort. Plus cloud-based monitoring systems that alert you of equipment failure before they happen.

Certified Specialists

Our goal is to provide customers with the best technical service — and we have the necessary training to back it up. We hold multiple certifications in refrigeration, refrigerant handling, and our teams have done commercial refrigeration installation from large grocery supercenters to Mom & Pop convenience stores.

Minimal Downtime

In business, we know that every second of downtime matters. Our installation methods are designed with this thought in mind, turning what could have been days of work into hours.

Top-Notch Service

At Pro HVAC/R, we pride ourselves on giving customers the professional service they deserve. We work as a team to minimize disruptions to your operations and deliver high-quality results.

Long-Term Care

Our job doesn’t end when the installation is complete. While providing routine maintenance, we’ll use our remote device management system to monitor and troubleshoot potential issues.

Let Pro HVAC/R Handle Your
Commercial Refrigeration Installation