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Medium-Temp & Low-Temp
2-3-4 Door Commercial Display Case

Purecold cases are truly self-contained air-cooled display merchandisers that require no drainage and just one power circuit per case. Installation is quick and easy with little downtime and simplified maintenance. Using environmentally safe refrigerant provides a 40% reduction in energy cost over older units.


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Purecold Innovation

Plug-and-Play Solution

Instead of an array of pipes and mechanics, all the refrigeration units are self-contained and only require an electrical outlet to get up and running. This translates to faster installation times.

Enhanced Reliability

Pure Cold cases operate more like a home refrigerator than a commercial display case. The more reliable systems are, the more confidence you can have in your food quality and safety.

Greater Mobility

Gone are the days where refrigeration cases are stuck in one place. Because each case has its own compressor and condenser and also includes casters, relocating them is simple.

Environmentally Friendly

The refrigerant used (R-448a) is considered a lower global warming potential (GWP) refrigerant. This investment works in support of other sustainable efforts and benefits your reputation.

SMART Monitoring

Control and manage HVACR infrastructure, monitor critical temperatures, detect impending and diagnose system failures, improve operating efficiencies, and reduce energy consumption. All done off-site in the cloud.

Standards Adherence

Pure Cold cases meet strict standards for compliance, certification, and documentation. You can be confident these products will help you exceed industry demands.

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