Introducing the Purecold Inspiration

Open-Air Multi Deck Merchandiser

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purecold inspiration with products appearing

No Drains. No Pipework

The design requires no external pipework or drains, simplifying install and maintenance.

Inline or Standalone Option

Can be easily integrated into store layouts, offering the flexibility of inline cases.

Similar Pack-out

Same cu. ft. pack-out as remote cases, providing ample storage in a self-contained design

4ft, 6ft & 8ft Lengths

Available in versatile lengths, accommodating to any store layout and display need.

Pull Out Refrigeration Tray

The design requires no external pipework or drains, simplifying install and maintenance.

Multiple Applications

Showcase fresh produce and meats to dairy items, beverages, and grab-and-go meals.

purecold inspiration filled with veggies

Purecold Inspiration

The full height Open Air Purecold Inspiration  combines sleek design with cutting-edge refrigeration technology. With its expansive display area, brilliant LED lighting, and energy-saving features, this cooler isn’t just keeping things cold – it’s revolutionizing how retailers present their chilled goods.

low profile open air inspiration filled with grab and go items

Horizontal Purecold Inspiration

Step into the future of retail refrigeration with the Open Air Purecold Inspiration Horizontal Cooler. This sleek, horizontal marvel redefines the art of product presentation, offering a tantalizing view of your chilled goods that customers simply can’t resist.

Your All-in-One Display Solution

Elevate your retail space with the Purecold Open Air Cooler, the ultimate multi-purpose merchandiser. From crisp produce to chilled beverages, fresh meats to dairy delights, this versatile cooler showcases it all. Its innovative design maximizes product visibility, encouraging impulse buys and boosting sales.

Perfect for groceries, delis, and convenience stores, this energy-efficient cooler keeps your diverse inventory at ideal temperatures while inviting customers to grab and go. Experience the perfect blend of functionality and style with Purecold.

purecold inspiration filled with deli products

Build Your Lineup

Purecold commercial refrigeration units offer a versatile and efficient solution for creating a comprehensive lineup of coolers for various product categories in retail environments.

You can easily customize your layout to accommodate produce, dairy, deli items, prepackaged and prepared meals, beverages, grab and go and more

empty open air purecold inspiration lineup

Installed Units

Made for Stores of All Kinds..

Endless Retail Possibilities

beverages inside of a 10 foo open air purecold inspiration lineup
open air purecold inspiration with glass end panels

Free End Panel Upgrade

Get the Upgraded Glass End Panels for the same price as the standard solid black.