Novum Grand Cayman Display Case

Low-Temp Top Door Supermarket Freezer

The Grand Cayman developed from the ground up to incorporate Novum's LEAP technology. The benefits of which are clear - No frost build-up internally unique cassette refrigeration system & the lowest running costs of any cabinet of its size on the market. The Grand Cayman combines superior internal volume, with excellent product visibility & product facing. Dual LED lighting, combined with a clean white interior provides spectacular illumination of the product. This combined with Novum’s LEAP Technology makes a truly class-leading cabinet.


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Novum Innovation

Plug-and-Play Solution

Instead of an array of pipes and mechanics, all the refrigeration units are self-contained and only require an electrical outlet to get up and running. This translates to faster installation times.

Greater Mobility

Gone are the days where refrigeration cases are stuck in one place. Because each case has its own cassette containing both the compressor and condenser, it also includes casters, and relocating them is simple.

Minimal Noise

Noisy refrigerators can easily disrupt the customer experience. Novum cassette technology provides a simple small refrigeration unit reducing the operating noise lower than competing chest-style commercial display cases.

Low Energy & Environmentally Friendly

A self-contained refrigeration unit uses less energy than its remote counterparts and refrigerant used (R-290) is considered a lower global warming potential (GWP) refrigerant. This investment provides for monthly utility costs and works in support of other sustainable efforts and benefits your reputation.

Retail Enhancer

The unique curved glass on the end case offers unequaled access into the cabinet. In practice, this means that the front corner of the cabinet can easily be shopped. It can be used as a stand-alone unit, as part of a line-up, back to back, or as part of a full island and is available with sliding lids & superior internal volume. Dual LED lighting, combined with a clean white interior provides spectacular illumination of the product. The Grand Cayman is guaranteed to enhance the image of your store and improve your customer shopping experience.

Simplified Maintenance

Innovative Cassette is easy to access is a pull-out tray for maintenance makes it easy to perform routine service on the systems.

100% Frost Free

Novum Freezers are 100% frost-free using innovative technologies that result in:• Stable food temperatures • Ice-free packaging increases safety confidence • No more thaw cycles

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